1. Are these washable at high temperature?
Bacteria are killed at 160° F (70°C) and these curtains are all washable at this temperature. (without shrinkage).

2. Do they meet the fire codes?
You bet. They pass AS 1530 part (ii) which is the standard for New Zealand and AS 1530 part (iii) for Australia. They also pass the U.S. codes.

3. Can | customise the Design?
Yes. Modern digital printing technology means the curtains can be customised to suit a specific project or area within a facility.

4. How do | dry them?
The only restriction is no direct dry heat like a hot iron. Water extract after washing removes most moisture and tumble dry. But No Hot Iron as it melts the polyester.

5. How long will they last?
We have installations in busy public hospitals where the curtains still look great after 20 years.

6. Why Integral Mesh?
This allows light and air to pass over the curtain as well as the sprinkler system.

7. Why ceiling mounted tracks?
The old dropped track became a dust trap and difficult to clean. Theceiling mounted track with an integral mesh privacy curtain removes this clinical issue.